Die idealisten mutieren
zu den exemplarischen boesen

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StarBoese trailerclip

former feminist FoToStOrYon level 1990 : emancipated feminist political informed
level 2013 new media strategist
involved in creative Murder EVILSTAR is chief of development for victim moduls,
Manager of MediaPAx: stylish,no name yuppy manipulating the shareholder values  with his propaganda crew  and new show tactics. embodiement of evil. www.redwoman.de    presents subdivision

spread totally opposite news:„ Red woman was kidnapped from the show.
MEDIA PAX radios shouts : “call number 2013 it doesn´t pay to rebel “
Management queen EvilLady of global enterprise in chatroom with hitler, gives order to
US UMBERTO MASTER killer to destroy redwomans rebellmodul ....
others involved
EVILstar is --
supervising prototype shows for victim persecutor, to manipulate the masses.evilSTAR: emancipated feminist political informed on level 2013 new media strategist involved in creative Murder - .TALK

Media Pax ...history ..
dreamdog girl in bagdad)